CultureVerse - Jessica Billimoria & Loc Trinh

CultureVerse was established in 2015 by Loc Trinh and Jessica Billimoria. The CultureVerse team has proven experience providing a variety of communication and engagement services targeting culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) audiences nationally. Jessica is an accomplished marketing communications professional with 13 years' experience working for government, non-profit and private sector corporations. Skilled in strategic multicultural communications, Jessica is experienced in developing and implementing organisation-wide approaches to engaging diverse audience groups. Loc has over 20 years' experience in marketing communication and engagement with multicultural communities in Australia. His wide-ranging network of contacts across multicultural communities in Australia is not often rivalled.

Courses presented by CultureVerse - Jessica Billimoria & Loc Trinh

Making the case for CALD communications

Effective CALD communication - that is, culturally and linguistically diverse communication - is vital to ensure you’re reaching as much of your targ...