Frequently Asked Questions

Why sign up for Lumin?

Lumin is an online learning platform designed to build the marketing, fundraising, social media and communications capacity of the community and social change sectors.

It’s designed to empower organisations, staff, members and volunteers with the skills they need to effectively communicate with stakeholders - funders, clients and the public - and help support ongoing sustainability.

Is Lumin for individuals or organisations?

Lumin will help volunteers, members, staff and board members - in fact, anyone involved in your organisation - to continuously grow their skills and build capacity. Developing your organisation’s ability to communicate helps ensure you can deliver the change you want to deliver - building a strong and more sustainable organisation.

The community and social change sectors are led by innovators, and our training lets you identify and develop the staff and volunteers you need to get and stay ahead.

Can I receive academic credit through a program? Is Lumin certified?

Lumin courses are created by experts who have extensive knowledge in their field, to provide practical skills in marketing and communications to the social change and community sectors. At this stage, Lumin courses do not provide formal academic credit points or a formal certification.

Does Lumin work on PCs, tablets and mobiles?

Yes, Lumin is a responsive web-based platform - you can access Lumin from any web-enabled device.

Still have questions?

Head to our contact page and send us a message.