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March 02, 2018
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Campaigning is about creating change. In this course you’ll learn about creating change through advocacy and campaigning. Whether large or small – you and your organisation can make a big difference with some clear goals, objectives and a great plan.

Sometimes people call it influencing, advocacy or campaigning. But in the end all these activities are about creating change. It could range from building community support for your local organisation or helping raise awareness of a project that requires government funding. The community and social changes sectors are all about changing the world and in this series you’ll learn the tips and tricks to help achieve the change you want.
Hi, Welcome to Lumin. My name’s Jesse and I’m going to help you run your very own community campaign and advocate for the issues you believe in. I have over thirteen years experience that I want to share with you, working for Federal Ministers, a former Attorney General and the South Australian Premier. I have a real passion for creating and driving social change and I want to help you achieve your campaign goals.

Community campaigning is an important tool for getting support for an issue and creating change. This can be for any issue – big or small. Issues as diverse and important as local infrastructure development, service provision, political support and advocacy and government funding. In this course I’m going to take you through some of the steps you’ll need to develop the best campaign possible.

First, we need to identify the ultimate aim and goal you want to achieve. Then we need to develop a strategy to reach that goal. I’m going to show you some great resources that can help you and your organisation campaign effectively.

We’re going to look at some of the tactics organisations like Getup!, Headspace, Beyond Blue and other community groups use and how they can help turn your campaign ideas into a reality and a success. By using easily accessible online tools we can make your campaign look very professional.

You’ll gain the ability to build support and advocate for your issues and make a real difference. In the next lesson we’re going to start identifying your goals and building up research in order to argue your case. I hope to see you there.

About the instructor

Jesse Northfield

Jesse brings 13 years of management and leadership experience spanning advertising, public relations, communications and professional advisory at state and federal levels. He has worked for Federal Ministers, a former Attorney General and the South Australian Premier. He is passionate about creating change in the community and social change sectors and his unique skill set provides a valuable tool for clients.