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April 08, 2020
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Facebook advertising may seem daunting but it is one of the most affordable and easiest modes of advertising. With over 16 million Australians using the platform across all demographics and interest groups, it is fertile ground for organisations to reach new audiences. Social media is about more than just racking up likes and followers. It isn’t just about broadcasting your campaign message and generating one-off donations. In this course you will understand the power of setting us a Facebook campaign, compared to boosting individual posts, as well as understand the valuable targeting capabilities this platform provides. With a few clicks, you will be able to create your own high performing advertising campaigns and understand what success looks like in the digital world.
Hi everyone and welcome to Lumin.

Thanks for joining me today. My name is Louisa Moy and I'm a digital marketing strategist at Think HQ.

This is your first lesson in the Foundations of Facebook Advertising. I wanna start off by giving you an overview of Facebook advertising. There are staggering 16 million Australians of all demographics and interests that are now active across Facebook. It's the largest social media platform in Australia and the place we turn to be entertained, to find out what is happening in our world, connect to like-minded communities, and be challenged or inspired. It's fertile ground for organisations to reach new audiences.

Facebook advertising is one of the most efficient and measurable types of paid advertising. While it's already a popular form of advertising, few understand how productive this channel can be to achieve business goals. Three years ago, it was possible for businesses and organisations to reach the majority of their page followers through a single post. However, in recent years Facebook has prioritised the posts of our family and friends in our news feeds.

The businesses and organisations unpaid reach, which is the visibility of your post, known on Facebook as organic reach, is extremely low. It's now estimated that only 2% of businesses Facebook followers see a company's news feed posts. As a result, more and more businesses are investing in Facebook advertising to reach and engage with their followers and build a bigger, more diverse following. While boosting a post is easy, and may mean reaching a few more Australians, it rarely results in achieving on any long-term business goals.

Investing in setting up advertisements through Facebook's Ads Manager tool may take a little more effort, but the capabilities and results will be significantly better. In the next lesson we will take you through the steps to setting up a successful Facebook campaign. We're only just scratching the surface.

About the instructor

Louisa Moy

With experience spanning across the Australian and European markets, Louisa possesses a deep understanding of the power of data, purpose and creativity in shaping long-term social strategies that work. She has expertise in brand strategy, audience segmentation, trend forecasting and creative testing with an acute eye for innovation. Louisa crafts brand and digital strategies that drive positive behavioural change. She has developed digital strategies for clients including the Department of Education and Training, Respect Victoria, Study Melbourne and the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. Louisa holds a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Relations from Monash University and a Masters Degree in Brand Strategy and Marketing from Sup de Pub in Paris.